Croydon Early Learning Centre has been providing care for families in the local community for 30 years. Our aim is to maintain a high quality child care service by creating an environment in which children can grow and develop to their full potential.

We believe that children:

are worthy of being heard, respected and valued

deserve to enjoy the here and now of their precious childhood

are capable of high achievement

learn best by having time to explore their interests through play

Our educators aim to:

develop strong and trusting relationships with each child

instill a love of learning in all children

provide a happy and stimulating learning environment

treat all children as unique and capable individuals


We acknowledge that families:

are the child's first and most important educator

are unique and diverse

and educators are partners in children's education and care

Croydon Early Learning Centre is committed to:

continuous improvement through regular reflective practice

best practice through ongoing learning and professional development for educators

maintaining continuity of educators to benefit children and families