3 Year olds

Kindi Kids provides an environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn. Friendships, budding self-confidence, independence, cognitive skills and creative expression emerge.

Because children learn best by doing, every activity we offer your child will be a hands-on experience.

The Kindi Kids room enjoys traditional group games and toys, such as building blocks, a railway track, shop, and the dressing-up box. This room encourages the children to become part of a larger group and to interact and build social skills.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday a program called Early Start is run by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. This special program is designed for children known to Child Protection, Child FIRST or who are from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island background.

The Kindi Kids Room is also where lots of creative activities take place. These include: painting, sewing, printing, making models from a variety of materials, growing plants and vegetables, doing simple experiments and constructing collages and displays to go on the walls.



Safe and secure environment

Activities based on children's interests and family input

Math and science skills developed with hands-on involvement

Learning stories that document your child's achievements and learning experiences with photos and teacher comments

Individual portfolios are created to capture your child's memories

Lots of individual attention to support your child's unique needs

Regular communication between families and staff