4 & 5 Year Olds

Croydon Early Learning Centre runs a registered kindergarten program Monday through to Friday from 9:30am - 3pm.

We have two educators sharing the role of the teacher and one full-time assistant. There is up to 15 children in the group each day.


Our learning environment is very much play based and centered on children's interests. On the surface this may seem informal, but rest-assured the play is carefully planned, supervised and extended. Through play, we enrich and extend upon interests that are relevant to the children and their families. Ideas, themes and experiences continually emerge and change throughout the year in order to reflect these interests.

We have a homely and relaxed environment and aim to instill a love of learning in all children, while embracing the importance of enjoying the here and now of childhood. Children participate in a number of whole group experiences throughout the day, in addition to small group and independent experiences. During the later stages of the year the children are encouraged to participate in more formal, structured learning experiences requiring greater concentration and independent skills.

With us, you have the convenience and flexibility of choosing long day care hours while your child receives the benefits of attending an approved kindergarten program, with a qualified and experienced Early Childhood Teacher.


Learning, Development & Assessment

The children are observed and assessed in a variety of ways to document their progress, learning and development. Our educators are trained in and use both the Early Years Learning Framework and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework in their curriculum and assessment procedures. These documents inform and guide our practise.

The Reflection Journal is a record of everything that we do; our curriculum. It provides photos, links to learning outcomes, reflections, ideas, evidence of learning, ideas for future learning and much more. Individual and group Learning Stories are written regularly and shared with families. Samples of your children's work are also collected throughout the year and put in a portfolio to take home at the end of the year. These are not only great keepsakes, but also a fabulous documentation of the learning journey that your child has taken.

Towards the end of the year, you will receive a Transition Statement for your child. This is a type of report that will have input from the Kindergarten teacher, the family and the child. They are sent on to the Prep teachers so that they may have a better understanding of your child when they begin Prep.

Weekly Activities in the Kindergarten Room