The qualified staff members of the centre are responsible for developing and maintaining a program and routine that is suitable for the developmental needs and capabilities of the children in that room.

The program is developed from individual observations of each child. Each observation is recorded in an individual child record and this is then referred to when the program has been written.

The staff uses these observations to develop goals for the week that will enable each individual child to gain basic developmental skills.

The program is also written to continue with a common interest displayed by the group. Each rooms program can be found on their notice board.

All rooms also have a daily routine that is planned to allow the children to experience and explore their environment and activities. The times are used as a guide for the day; but the staff is able to allow flexibility to suit the individual child.

For example: Feeding times in the babies' room. The routines show items like morning tea, indoor planned activity sessions, and outdoor planned activity sessions, rest/sleep times, afternoon teatime, and group times.

All rooms make note of what each child have eaten, times they may have slept and a brief list of the activities that the children enjoyed for that day, the eat/sleep chart is located on the notice board in the babies' room. The babies' room is able to provide a detailed chart daily if requested.

Because they are ready to learn about the everyday world, young children especially kindergarten children are highly engaged when they have the opportunity to explore. They create strong and enduring mental pictures of what they have experienced when investigating the everyday world.