Our interactive animal enclosure is a wonderful learning environment for the children who keenly participate in farm duty. Each day is filled with requests to collect the eggs, feed the animals and replenish their water, spread new straw, and pat the rabbits, ducks and chooks. We also have a turtle called Myrtle and a great favourite is Blueberry, our blue-tongued lizard. A pair of budgies also reside in the Baby and Toddler yard, chirping away as they swing in their cage near the sandpit.

Each year, we include a chick/duckling hatching program so that the children can witness firsthand the different stages of the lifecycle. This program coincides with our annual farm excursion which is loved by all. The older children become responsible for helping to collect food scraps after meal times and feed them to the eagerly-awaiting animals, while other scraps are put into our worm farm. Our fresh eggs are often used during our weekly cooking classes on Fridays and the children learn about sustainability in the process.

The chance to stroke your favourite bunny, guinea or blue-tongued friend while doing nothing can be a welcome break in this hectic world. In fact 'nothing' can be a very important thing to do!