CELC - Croydon Early Learning Centre is a warm and homely child care centre and kindergarten in the village of Croydon, close to the foothills of The Dandenongs. It has been in operation for more than 35 years.

We offer environments and activities to encourage children to learn, play, and explore.

We use an emergent curriculum (one based on the interest of the child) that enables children to explore and investigate their questions and curiosities in a meaningful way.

Children express their ideas and understandings through different mediums such as speaking, writing, drawing, painting, building, imaginative play and dance. Our role is to provide environments that stimulate imagination and exploration in children; thus facilitating enjoyment while learning.

We have excellent indoor and outdoor areas for the children to learn and play. We have a caring and dedicated staff and we are proud of our high staff to child ratio.

It is important to us that your child is happy, secure and has fun, and in doing so they will be able to build strong relationships with the staff and other children as they play and learn.

We offer a Kindergarten program under the direction of a qualified Early Childhood Teacher for children who will be attending primary school the following year. This valuable program is in operation five days per week.